The Power of Positive Thinking

Polar Vortex

Polar Vortex

I’ve been told I’m a positive, glass -is- half- full kind of person, but even I’m having a difficult time maintaining a cheerful outlook with this winter’s weather. I love my summers! I am a teacher, so I have a long summer vacation and enjoy gardening, hiking, sitting on my porch, and the sunny, mild temperatures.  Being outside in nature and spending time with cherished family and friends rejuvenates me. I’ve had such full summers that my experiences  have seemed to carry me through my typical winter doldrums where I can be susceptible to SAD (seasonal affective disorder), UP UNTIL NOW.

I recently swiped through the pictures on my phone and was reminded of the wonderful trips taken this past summer and even into the winter break.  I went to concerts, to big cities, to The Blue Ridge Mountains, to Montreal, to Florida, and of course took many day trips to some really cool places right here in The Hudson Valley, like Bear Mountain and The Warwick Valley Winery. I was also reminded of some great, great hiking excursions and time just sitting on my porch, swimming in my pool and tending to my garden. My fig tree even produced a few figs this summer!  Most of all, throughout the summer, fall, and the holiday season, I’ve spent meaningful time with my family and my friends, near and far. We’ve traveled together, shopped together, shared intimate meals, BBQ’s and large holiday gatherings.

Mother Earth Montreal Botanical Gardens

Mother Earth
Montreal Botanical Gardens

All of this reminiscing turned out to be a good thing! I realized that, while it may feel like a really long winter, it’s really only since January that I haven’t been as active and social that I’d like to be (and that I NEED to be). With March right around the corner, I’m coming out of hibernation soon!

After the Rain

After the Rain


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