Same Blog -Different Name

Into My Fifties is now Silver Linings!*

What’s in a name? You know how you can’t imagine your friends and relatives with any other names? Their names are just so perfect and they seem to possess qualities that match them.

When I look back on the small number of posts I have written, they all have something in common. Yes, I’m 52 (today!) but there’s more to me than my age and my posts seem to resonate with people of ALL ages.

Despite my sensitive nature and insecurities, I always try to remain positive and look for the good in people, experiences and in life. Sure, I can get down on myself and caught up in the negatives, but I make a conscious effort every day to choose an outlook that’s healthy and to look for the Silver Lining.

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whats in a name 1

*Please note that you can find me just as you always have since my URL will remain the same (for now).


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