Easy Guided Meditation

Meditation may be challenging at first, but keep trying and it will get easier! I’ve been talking to many friends and family members about the benefits of meditation and I know from these conversations and personal experience it’s not easy to get into it, at first. Here are a few articles I think may help, as well as my guided meditation audio (reposted). Feel free to add some background music if you’d like. Find what works for you and give it another try. You’ll be glad you did!


Be All There


Meditation is part of my self-care routine and I try to do it every day. I find that it’s very calming and centering and it also helps me to be present at other times during the day. Over time I’ve been able to put some space between my thoughts andreactions, so I’m much less impulsive and more clear-headed.

There are definitely days when I fall short of my daily meditation goal, but a change in environment doesn’t deter me, since meditation can be done anywhere. I have a favorite spot at home, but I’ve also meditated in a parked car and on vacation! All that’s needed is about 10-15 minutes and a comfortable, quiet space. I use the timer on my phone to signal when I’m done so I don’t have to worry about watching a clock or wondering how long it’s been.
When I first started about a year…

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